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70, male, Single

Hobart, Australia

Gee I have a problem with this. I guess I'm a normal male looking for friendship and possibly more. I do all the normal things and suppose am all the normal things with a good sense of humour added.. Have been divorced for 8 years after 32 years of being married. 2 grown boys who have moved away and have their own lives and am very proud of them. Very good with my hands and am renovating my 2nd property. I love photography and when I'm behind my camera the time just slips away. Before 'The Job' I managed factories. I love travelling my home state and use the results from my photography on my website about Tasmania. Am coming up for retirement and not relishing the idea much. I have a great set of friends but somehow that's not enough. I feel I have so much more to offer.

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52, male, Separated

Crook, United States

Am in the army and i have been in it for the past 30yrs 55,and now in Afghanistan for a peace keeping and the mission is called operation freedom Afghanistan..i have a 20 yrs old son who is in UK in a military base hostel...for my survivor i thank my late mom for taking very good care of me,when my dad run(left)away from us, to be honest i have never set eyes on him according to my mom he left the time we needed him really hurt so i don't want to talk about it...My late mom was badly hurt so she never dated any man...She raised me and care for me. I thank the Lord for the life of my mom...well i don't want to talk more about it...Now here i am.. I have been widowed for 8 years now and haven't done any dating since then. I do believe that we have a ton in common. I just registered on that dating website and you are the first person I'm writing off this site and because of this I'm given this all my attention and I wish the best out of this. I'm a single, have a son and live with my dog. My son is called "JEFF and he is 20 years old, he's such a smart kid.He is in a boarding school in Cambridge(Military school).My dog is also called "AMBER"-it's a German shepherd and is one and half years old.They are the only family i have in my life..We all have lot of fun together as one loving family - it's very friendly and social and has helped i and Jeffery so much...well let say luck is not on my side.....My mom thought me to be honest,caring,loving,trustworthy,scene of humor etc.well there may be errors in my life cose we are human and we are all not perfect......

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25, male, Single

Mill Road, India

coder, hacktivist, website designer, logo designer, loves to hangout with friends, potential engineer, bunks classes, loves charity, comic-book movies lover, die-hard batman fan......hang on, you'll know me!

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47, male, Single

Shepardsville, United States

So I just found this website and 'you guessed it'.... I have depression!

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36, male, Single

Morristown, United States

Just checking out the website for now. I will fill this part out later. Ttttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaaaannnnnnkkkkksssssss

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