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57, male, Divorced

Boulder, United States

I have 3. Kids. They live with my x wife. I have a masters degree in education and my profession is teaching.i live in Los Angeles county. I had a Norwegian girlfriend named Geneva once. I was married for 14 years.

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31, male, Single

Mlongola, Saudi Arabia

saudi businessman looking to get married

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47, male, Single

Nuevo Paraiso, Peru

I am searching a virtuos woman to married God willing soon :)

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41, female, Single

Portland, United States

I am very sincere in finding true love fora life time and am avery loyal Lady . I do not drink or do any drugs. I am very easygoing,Down to Earth and have a great sense of humor.. I am also a verydeeply passionately romantic Lady but can be with only that one in whichI will share all life with, I am 36yrs old , I love to listen to music. I love children and believe they are like precious flowers of the world. I also like animals too andmusic. I like so much to list all.What I am seeking in long term ismarriage based on Love, mutual respect, and understanding. That is how Isee the future. My goal in life is to be married and have a happyfamily in a home filled with love. Also for you to be my best friend, toshare everything with,as well as passionate lover. I know that noteverything in life can be perfect all the time, but I am willing toalways do my best for myfuture Man.He will always be my*first priority. I am very, very sincere in finding my partner in lifeand i Hope the Distance wont Scare you away. MyMom use to say oneword..(Measure my Love and Not the Distance). i believe in that Word andi can also relocate for my Love, i will stop here and please do tell meMore about yourself.Hope to hear from you soon and warm Hugs to you.OkI'm done for now and I'm turning the table back on you... If i stillsound like someone that you want to know then by all means let me know, Imay have what you need. I'll be looking forward to read from yousoonest or possibly ....

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59, male, Divorced

Orebro, Sweden

My name is Mike but you can call me Sir. Yeah, call me Mister Sir ;)I am a weird dude with lots of humor, and I’m single father with five kids. I am not here looking for a nanny, but that would probably not be such a bad idea. I have been single for a couple of years. I have been married twice but…It was for the wrong reasons & with the wrong kind of women. So I'm now looking for something or someone from all over the galaxy. I believe in Karma so I’m trying to be as good as possible or else I might be reborn as a flea or woman in my next life. For a living I’ve been living my dream for 35 years. I’m a Radio DJ. You can’t believe how much crap I have heard during all those years. I love House, Rap, Disco, Soul and Dance. I have also been DJ’ing in big events, parties, clubs and festivals. Being a DJ is not an occupation. It’s a lifestyle. On my spare time I… Wait. I don’t have much spare time. I haven’t had a vacation since 2007. But the few hours of freedom I have I spend with my cat and kids. I also like playing video games, like a little nerd. Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Half-Life are my favorite games. I also spend hours everyday on Facebook. Not because I’m a social flea, but because as part of my job. Hey, it’s 2016 and everything is done over the Internet. As I just said. My work is a lifestyle. I was born and grow up in Stockholm City. In 1989 I decided to leave my party-life behind and I moved up to a small town, Åre, high up in the Swedish alps (mountains). That’s why I’m called Alprosen, Living in the Alps, my last name is Rosen. Get it? Alp+Rosen. Nah.. Forget it. I’m just trying to be funny and failed again. Well, by this you probably understand that I prefer a quiet and calm life in the mountains with crystal clear lakes, snowy mountain tops, fresh air…I really need to find myself a woman soon. A woman who can stop me from acting silly all the time. Want to know more? Just ask!Peace & Love to You all

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