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50, male, Single

Haffouz, Thailand

I like to visit temples and places of historical interest. I also like to go out and enjoy a meal in an expensive restaurant - fun is important.And I love music, all kinds. I want to come to Cambodia and experience the culture but I don't want to be alone.My home is in south Thailand and I have a lot of free time because I teach at university but I like to travel, and I am coming to Cambodia soon....... let's see what happens.

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39, female, Single

Pook, Philippines

I am a modern Filipina with moral & cultural values still intact. Although I prefer old school courtship I have finally decided it's about time to give a site like this a chance to meet a man who can cater to my needs as I do with him. I have been in Recruitment since I have graduated from a Premier University in Manila in 2005. My most recent job was as an Offshore Recruitment Lead for the US & Canada. Although I recruited manpower for a living, I just can neither seem to source nor recruit the right man for me. I have tried looking for men on traditional online dating websites for over two years but have not found anyone worth my time, effort & in some cases, money.I still believe in chivalry & in monogamy. Apparently, these qualities seem to be extinct nowadays. I have just arrived back in Manila after a 3-month long holiday in Australia. Dating in Melbourne have made me realize my great need to be financially taken care of & pampered as I had to take the tab on several occasions which was a total turn off for me since it was not how dating goes where I come from.Physically, I am about 5'2," big boned, thick, curvy - whatever you want to call it. If you like stick figures, I'm definitely not the one for you. I used to workout regularly but being on a long holiday did get in the way. I am now trying to get back to my old routine. I have no tattoos and piercings other than the ones on each ear. I am a non-smoker and have never done drugs. I am an occasional/social drinker. As for my relationship status, I am single. I have neither been married nor pregnant.Aside from the working out, my other interests include shopping, going out for dinner & drinks, watching movies & live performances & spending time with my 2 female dogs whom I both love to death. I drive my own car but I prefer to be driven. If you would like to get to know me further, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

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26, male, Single

Inezgane, Morocco

Hey , looks like im new to this kind of websites ,any one wanna talk

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26, male, Single

Regina, Canada

drawing a blank so feel free to ask me pretty much anything

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37, male, Single

Chak 395 Jb , Pakistan

Hey mate I'm pretty new to this site, so I haven't made that many contacts yet, but hey? I'm actually just here to get into contact with 1 special person, maybe it's you, who knows, eh eh. As a matter of fact I am even new to dating websites lol. Is there a chance of finding true love throughout the web? At least it's worth a try I guess. Are you looking for something special here or just registered for the fun and the benefits of the site? Well, not quite sure if I should do this now, but somehow I would like to get in contact with you.

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