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Tasiujaq, Canada

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57, male, Divorced

Fortson, United States

I am joining this site to share idea and have honest relationship that will faithfully lead to marriage because i am searching for my soul mate

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52, female, Divorced

Crofton, United States

I am the lead singer for my band Ravenstone, I am a musician for a living. I love touring, cooking, and I love animals.I will always play music and that won't change. I want someone who has this in common with me. Being a musician is a must.... Regular relationships have never worked with a non musician. I am always a bit silly, and I have a dry sense of humor. I love all kinds of music, but I am a rocker at heart. Is there anyone out there like this?? We shall see. This is also my first dating site as well.

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40, male, Single

Olomometa, Nigeria

I am 31 and serving Jesus Christ as missionary in Cameroon - West Africa. I am looking for a marriage partner who is God fearing and who will be willing to join me in service with and for God through humanitarian service to mankind. I reserve the physical qualities of the type of woman I want to myself. But I preferably I need a woman who shares if not all, at least some of the following values:Love, Respect, Humility, Hard work, Mutuality in decision making (consultancy) amongst a couple, Tolerance and Forgiveness, Honor, Sacrifice, Quality Time, Fidelity, Dialogue, Monogamy, Appreciation, Femininity and lastly Romance. I could elaborate on these values but the space provided for registering on this dating site does not allow for me to do so. You need to know more about me and what my thoughts are with respect to the above listed values, then write me...Thanks.

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34, male, Single

Carthage, United States

Hi. I don't want to go too deeply into the depression aspect of this right away or define myself by it, but I've got high hopes for this site because being upfront about my issues lets me hope that I can find someone who might understand and share my challenges. I've had some success with dating throughout my life, but throughout it all, I've felt the need to hide the darker side of myself, and inevitably end up feeling like I need to end my relationships to spare my partner from myself. I want to meet someone who I truly feel can understand what I'm going through, and can tolerate when my issues cause me to be moody or reclusive or grim. I want to meet someone who I can really feel is there with me, not just in the bad times but in the good and fun moments. I don't think that being with someone can fix me, but hopefully I can find someone with whom we can both work on fixing ourselves. Fixing isn't the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean. I don't want to dwell too much on all the bummer stuff though; I'm a pretty fun guy at times. I love to goof around with my friends and explore what's around me when my head permits. I'm smart and I can be really funny. I like to take trips to new places and old places that mean something to me. I'm really sentimental under all my affected (and real) ennui, and I like to indulge myself in being pretentious and overwrought, like throwing out the term affected ennui. I like to rock climb and go into caves and jump into water from high up. I want to find someone who likes things too, and I want us to do those things that we like together, and discover new cool things to do. I've spent a lot of time not doing these things, and I would like for that to stop. If you're still reading this you should say hi to me, and hopefully I've got enough sense to say hi back. I will be very awkward at first, and then for a long time after too, but maybe we'll end up enjoying each others' company.

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41, male, Single

Boston, United Kingdom

BEFORE YOU BEGIN READING MY PROFILE, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT, I AM AN AVERAGE MAN, WITH AN AVERAGE LOOK, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PERFECT MAN, WITH PERFECT LOOKS, WITH NO IMPERFECTIONS THEN, I AM NOT WHAT YOU SEEK.MY INTENTION IS NOBLE, AND I AM NOT HERE TO BE UNFAIR ON WOMEN, AND I AM NOT JUDGING, AS I WOULD HAVE TO JUDGE MYSELF FIRST.I AM LOOKING FOR A WOMAN THAT WILL TREAT ME THE SAME WAY SHE WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.I MAY SOUND HARSH ON WHAT I AM SAYING BUT, PEOPLE TEND TO BE CHOOSY, AND THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE, I DO NOT CONDEMN THAT, AT ALLIF EVERY SINGLE PERSON GOES FOR THE LOOKS, THEN, WHAT ABOUT FEELINGS? AREN'T THEY IMPORTANT AS WELL?ONCE AGAIN, I APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT I SAID, I AM HONEST, AND I HATE LYING OR PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE I AM NOT.I am an outgoing, happy-go-lucky individual, who enjoys life, traveling, going out with my friends, watching a good movie, as well as, having a great time with my family.I may not be every women's cup of tea, but, at least, it is worth try and see what this site has to offer.I am just a simple individual with a purpose, be happy and make my other half feel the same way, make her feel wanted, loved, cared for, make her feel that, she is being loved for what she is, and respected.I go for, Personality, character, rather than, appearance, as appearance itself, does not take us anywhere.We have to embrace people for who they are, and for what they stand for, as i said, i may not be that good looking, but, i am being me, i am being real, and being real is what it counts.i am just an individual, like many others around the world, who is trying to make the most of what life is offering, making a success out of myself, grow, I'm looking for love.A girl who is simple, honest, loyal, has a smile on her face, who leads life as an apprentice, who is responsible, in charge of her life, a woman with principles, a woman who wants to fight to obtain her dreams and make them, her great conquest

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