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I am excited about the out come of my today! not worrying about my tomorrow because it is not promised.

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Saint Paul, United States

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Relationship: Married

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Age: 61


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I am married (happily believe what you will ) mid fifth's, handsome, intelligent, funny, sarcastic, a talker, a listener, an a explorer, of many more questions then answers about life, and specially myself! I'm here, like everyone else! because while life is good and I can't complain, it runs like a well oiled machine. The excitement, the unknown, the thrill and the surprises that come at the beginning of a new relationship have all become nothing more then fond memories of how life once was for me. I haven't begun to be my "best' Self. So I am here for a special discrete affair with someone that actually gets it. I understand what I am doing here and you should as well. Looking for someone special I can enjoy, have dinner with as much as being behind closed doors or not...having fun and enjoying our time! limited but its our time....
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